Thursday, August 19, 2010 – The first edition of The Rolex World’s Top 1000 Golf Courses has been released, with Rich Harvest Farms included as one of the best courses in the U.S.  The book, which took three years to complete, assesses private, public and resort courses in every environment imaginable, and in countries (like Brunei, Pakistan and Uruguay) not often associated with golf. A network of over 200 “inspectors” (enlightened amateurs, professional golfers, journalists specializing in golf course architecture) anonymously worked their way around the world, completing an in-depth questionnaire and adding incisive comments of their own.

According to the Foreword, “Our Editorial Committee has given each course a score, geared primarily to the excellence of the site, the course architecture involved, and of course maintenance and condition. After considerable deliberation and verification, we took the entire 33,000 courses currently registered worldwide and ended up with those we consider to be the Top 1000.”